As the Bill Turns – Episode 3

As-the-bill-turns-image-smallEpisode 3: May 2013

We left off last month with a win for parity in Oklahoma and a flurry of activity in many states. This month we are hoping to add two more wins, bringing the total to 25 states to pass parity bills. Email your legislators and I know we can get there.

  nevadaplateAdvocates of the Month Christy Joyce and her family have been on the move to help SB 266 pass in the final weeks of the Nevada legislative session. On Wednesday May 8, Christy and son Johnny joined the IMF’s Zina Cary at the state house to meet with Assembly members and deliver postcards that their family collected from across the state. On Friday May 10, Christy returned to the state house for the Assembly Commerce and Labor committee hearing, where she testified! She did an amazing job representing the myeloma community in Carson City and had her story shared in the local news. With the legislature scheduled to end on June 7th, we will be following closely to get this done. Take Action

floridaplateIn the east, the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act has passed both the Florida State House and the Florida State Senate! Your emails, postcards, and calls made a huge difference in this win, but we are not at the finish line yet. The bill (HB 1159) is headed to Governor Rick Scott for his signature, and your voice is critical. By emailing Gov. Scott today, you will be part of securing access to all treatments for Florida cancer patients. Click to email him today!

ncarolinaJust north in North Carolina, we are disappointed in the current version of H609, the NC Cancer Treatment Fairness Act that passed the house on May 9th. The North Carolina House passed an amendment that created a $300/prescription co-pay cap. However, we will continue working with the coalition and bill sponsors as it moves to the State Senate to reverse the damaging amendment.

As many state legislative sessions wind down for the summer we will be ramping up our federal work to secure more cosponsors for HR1801, The Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act of 2013. Currently, we have 25 cosponsors after introducing the bill earlier this month. Find out if your Rep is a cosponsor here. If not, click here to ask them today!

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