As The Bill Turns…Episode 12

With five states signing bills into law this year and one awaiting the Governor’s signature, the winter frenzy has slowed down.  However, there is still active legislation in three states: Arizona, North Carolina, and Ohio. Check out what is going on.

Arizona imageArizona

On Wednesday, April 9th, HB 2078, the Fair Access to Treatment Act, passed the Arizona Senate Rules Committee unanimously! The bill passed the House in early March, and any day now the Senate will vote to make oral anticancer treatments more affordable for patients that need them in Arizona. If you live in Arizona, email your State Senator today to ask for his or her support of HB 2078. Take action HERE



The Kentucky Governor quietly signed the Cancer Treatment Modernization Act into law last week, making it the 31st state to pass oral anticancer treatment access legislation. The bill requires health plans regulated by the state that provide coverage for IV and oral anticancer treatments- to not exceed $100 copayment or coinsurance for a 30-day supply of orally administered anticancer treatment. Read the Press Release Here


web HatterasLighthouseNorth Carolina

The North Carolina legislature reconvenes on May 14 from a six-month recess within their 2013-2014 session. Last spring we saw an unacceptable bill pass the state House. The current version of the North Carolina Cancer Treatment Fairness Act has a $300 per prescription per month maximum on oral anticancer drugs. The IMF, along with other leading patient advocacy organizations opposes all caps that are over $100 because research shows that patients walk away from prescriptions at that level.  With your help, we can educate the state Senate on why $300 is too much and does not meet the original objective of the legislation.


With only one more hearing before it is sent for its final vote on the floor of the House, SB 99 is closer than ever to becoming law. The Ohio legislature is on a three-week recess returning the first week of May. This is the perfect time to submit letters to the editor, attend campaign events (primary day is May 6), and make that final outreach to your state representative to ask for their support for the Cancer Treatment Modernization Act. Click here to email them today!

Wisconsin famous imageWisconsin

On April 3 in Milwaukee, cancer patient advocates witnessed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sign the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act (SB 300) into law, making Wisconsin the 30th state to enact anticancer treatment access legislation. “This bill shows that our voices do indeed make a difference, because SB 300 was on its deathbed just three weeks ago, and today it is law,” said Sue Enright, Midwest Director of Support Groups for the International Myeloma Foundation. “Thank you to every patient, family member, friend, healthcare professional and advocate who relentlessly stood with us throughout this long journey, and to our Wisconsin legislators who voted in favor of the bill.”READ MORE

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