Kentucky Lobby Day

On Wednesday February 19, advocates from across Kentucky descended on the capitol with one goal: educate and inform their senators and representatives about the struggles faced by cancer patients when trying to access modern cancer treatments that will save their lives. That goal was realized and a whole lot more!

In a meeting with his constituents, Senator Tom Buford committed to introducing the Cancer Treatment Modernization Act and immediately followed through by introducing SB 148 on Wednesday evening.

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I know that sometimes politics can be frustrating and it may feel like your voice does not make a difference, but it does. Everyone who speaks up for what they or those they love need makes an impact. Sometimes it is not as immediate as the success in Kentucky yesterday, but it creates a dialog. You force your elected officials to think, even for just a minute, about what you are experiencing and how they have the power to make yours and others’ cancer journeys’, just a little bit easier.

Whether you are a nurse who helps patients find resources to pay for oral treatments, an MGUS patient who has never been on treatment, but has started saving just in case, or a daughter on the phone day in and day out with the insurance company trying to make sure her father can take the most effective treatment for him, sharing your experience is what resonates. No matter what your experience, speak up, take action, and use your voice to alter the status quo.

That was what happened yesterday in Frankfort. Patients, caregivers, nurses, pharmacists, mothers, daughters and sisters stood up and asked law makers to ensure that insurance companies keep up with research and innovation by providing equal coverage for life saving treatment. The stories shared yesterday and the many more that will be shared before this campaign is through will change the status quo for cancer patients in Kentucky.

Thank you everyone who came out and to our coalition members, especially those who participated with us on Wednesday: the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Kentucky Pharmacist Association, National Patient Advocate Foundation and our industry sponsors.

KY Lobby Day 2

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