10 Steps to Meeting Your Member of Congress

On Wednesday June 5, Johanna Gray and I presented the 10 Steps to Meeting your Member of Congress.

Here are the highlights:

Click here to view the Presentation

Click here to view the Presentation

Step 1: Know your Topic 
Step 2: Know your Legislator
Step 3: Enroll Others
Step 4: Make Contact
Step 5: Compose Your Message
Step 6: Confirmation
Step 7: Meeting Prep
Step 8: Meeting Day
Step 9: Follow Up
Step 10: Stay Engaged



Click here to download the PDF

Reference Materials:

How to Schedule a Meeting
Sample Meeting Request Letter
District Visit Info Sheet
Leave Behind- One Pager
Fact Sheet on Cost Effectiveness
Fact Sheet on Myths and Truths of HR1801
Cindy’s Legislator Meeting Message




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